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California Launches New Accountability Dashboard for Schools

The California Department of Education launched a field test of the California School Dashboard, an online tool designed to help communities across the state access important information about K-12 districts and schools.

The Dashboard is an easyto use online tool to access a wealth of information and gives parents, teachers, and community members a fuller picture of a school’s progress.

Instead of relying exclusively on test scores, as the previous accountability system did, this new Dashboard not only uses test scores, but also gives a snapshot of local and state indicators. These indicators include high school graduation rates, career and college readiness, English learner progress, and suspension rates.

“It’s great to see California leading the way on a new accountability system,” said Maria Armstrong, Ed.D., superintendent, Woodland Joint Unified School District. “The Dashboard makes school and district data much more accessible, focuses on creating equity and a transparent framework that we can integrate into our Local Control and Accountability Plan.”

The Dashboard supports California's groundbreaking Local Control Funding Formula, which gives districts and schools more flexibility in using state resources. Using this system, districts and schools have access to the information they need to make the best local decisions about the education of children. It will also help identify schools that are excelling and can share their methods and practices with other schools.

This field test of the California School Dashboard is intended as an early model ("beta") of the accountability system that will be fully implemented in the fall of 2017. Metrics will be added over time as data is collected.

“We are looking forward to engaging with our community on the strengths and areas to improve based on the Dashboard,” said Armstrong. “Tools like the Dashboard allow us to have more conversations around programs, services and goals, which directly supports student achievement and makes our district better.”

The Dashboard can be accessed at www.CASchoolDashboard.org.


Additional District-specific information is available at www.wjusd.org/schooldashboard/