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WJUSD Lunch Debt Information


What is lunch debt?
Lunch debt is the amount of outstanding charges for student meals. Families are not always able to pay the cost of breakfast or lunch meals for their children.   

What is the current lunch debt at WJUSD?
WJUSD’s current lunch debt is just over $19,000.

How does the debt add up?
Lunch debt accumulates over time. Any outstanding charges for meals contribute to this debt. This debt amount changes continually as families pay for meals, or new charges develop.  

Are students negatively affected if their family is unable to pay?
No, students continue to receive meals, no matter what meal charges may exist. However, if a student reaches their maximum charge amount, they may receive a courtesy meal, which provides a meal that meets nutritional requirements and includes access to garden bars.

Who receives free or reduced lunches?
Families are able to apply for reduced or free meals for their children. Eligibility changes each year based on income and number of family members. Applications must be submitted each year to access the program. For more information, please visit www.wjusd.org/foodservices

How much are school meals?


Full Price

Reduced Price

Elementary Breakfast



Elementary Lunch



Secondary Breakfast



Secondary Lunch




Why do some WJUSD schools have a free lunch program for all of their students?
Four WJUSD elementary schools provide free lunch to students through a state and federal option called Provision 2. This provision enables a school district to offer a free meal program to schools with a high percentage of low-income families. Currently, Whitehead, Freeman, Dingle and Prairie elementary schools offer this program.

If the community raises funds towards the lunch debt, where do the funds go? 
WJUSD works with donors to identify where they would like their donation to go. If funds are donated in general to the lunch debt, the funds will go toward the general food services budget, to reimburse some of the funds the department has not received for meals. However, donors are able to specify a certain site, or family, that they would like to benefit from a donation to reduce some of that specific lunch debt. In addition, a donor can specify that they want current students to benefit from the donation first, rather than outstanding charges from students who may have moved on.

Is WJUSD unable to access or take advantage of state or federal programs because of the lunch debt?
The lunch debt amount does not affect the school district’s ability to receive state and federal funds, or access to programs.

If you have additional questions regarding donations to WJUSD or the lunch debt, please email us at info@wjusd.org.

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