Woodland Joint Unified School District

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Human Resources



Welcome to Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and maintaining a highly professional staff for all schools and departments.


Services and Programs of the Human Resource Services Division

  • Employee recruitment and orientation
  • Certificated employees: records and salaries
  • Classified employees: records and salaries
  • Employer/Employee Relations

Staff Directory
Human Resources Fax: (530) 669-5918

Tom Pritchard, Assistant Superintendent

(530) 406-3208 or Thomas.Pritchard@wjusd.org


Danyel Conolley, Director of Human Resources 

(530) 406-3207 or Danyel.Conolley@wjusd.org


Teddi Wentworth, Human Resources Manager

(530) 406-3208 or Teddi.Wentworth@wjusd.org 


Nicole Castro-Pilar, Administrative Secretary

(530) 406-3216 or Nicole.CastroPilar@wjusd.org 


Erin Edgar, Administrative Secretary

(530) 406-3210 or Erin.Edgar@wjusd.org 


Personnel Analysts:


Alice Espitallier (Certificated) (530) 406-3213 or Alice.Espitallier@wjusd.org  


Minerva Rocha (Certificated) (530) 406-3217 or Minerva.Rocha@wjusd.org


Maribeth Villalobos (Classified) (530) 406-3211 or Maribeth.Villalobos@wjusd.org