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Consolidated Programs



Title I, Part A: Improving the Achievement of Disadvantaged Students
Title I, Part A: provides supplemental funds to be used to narrow the educational gap between disadvantaged children and other children in those areas where the highest concentration of children from low-income families attend school.

Title I Schools in the District: Beamer, Dingle, Freeman, Maxwell, Ramon Tafoya, Whitehead, Woodland Prairie, Gibson, Plainfield and Community Day Schools.
Title II, Part A: Preparing, Training, Recruiting Highly Qualified Teachers and Principals:
This program provides grants to Local Educational Agencies to increase student achievement by improving teacher and principal quality and increasing the number of highly qualified teachers and principals in the schools.
Title II, Part D: Enhancing Education Through Technology
This program provides funding through an application process for formula-funded grants for education technology. In order to operate the program 25% percent of the funding must be spent on professional development to integrate technology into instruction.
Title III, Part A and C: Language Instruction for LEP and Immigrant Students
This program provides funding for supplementary programs and services for LEP students. Required activities include the provision of instruction and instructional support services related to English Language Development and academic progress in the core curriculum in a manner that allows LEP students to meet grade level and graduation requirements. Programs must also provide staff development for school staff assigned to LEP student populations.
Title IV, Part A: Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities
This program provides funding to develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive drug/alcohol, tobacco and violence prevention program and activities, which are consistent with the principles of effectiveness and that are coordinated with school and community-based program services. The SDFSCA goal is to foster a safe and drug free learning environment that supports academic achievement.
EIA: Economic Impact Aid
Economic Impact Aid is a state categorical program contained in the Consolidated Application for funds. These supplemental funds are used, Kindergarten through grade twelve to support additional program services for English Learners (Els) and compensatory education services for educationally disadvantaged students, as determined by the LEA. EIA funding is open to all public school districts that request participation using Part I of the annual Consolidation Application funds.
PAR: Peer Assistance Review
This is a state funded program that helps teachers improve through a method of assistance and evaluation.
Consolidated Application:
The application process by which school districts apply for categorical funding form state and federal sources. Part I is usually due at the California Department of Education in June of each year. Part II is due in January.

Isidro Carrasco
Assistant Superintendent
Educational Services


Brenda Corona
Accounting Analyst