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At home test kits for Spring Break

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At home test kits for Spring Break

We are excited to announce that we are once again participating in the “Return from Vacation Testing Program” with California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

The goal is to help students and staff test for Covid at home during Spring break to help reduce the spread of Covid when we return.

Each staff member and student will be provided with an at home self-test to bring home and use prior to returning to work or school after Spring break.  

  • Each kit has two (2) tests.  Written instructions on how to perform the tests can be found in the box.

  • The first test should be done 3 days prior to returning to school or work (Friday, April 22) AND the second test should be done the day before returning to school or work (Sunday, April 24).  

  • Only report positive results. Positive results can be reported in one of the following ways:
1. Log into the Primary Health website to report results using the following link specifically for WJUSD staff and students:
2. Call the Primary Health phone line at (650) 275-5419.

Participants who have already registered do not have to re-register and can locate their account by using this search tool:  
Note:  Please do not use the QR code on the box to report results. 

If either of your tests are positive, please stay home.  You will need to quarantine and test again on day 5.  If on day 5 your test is negative, you may return to work or school on day 6.  If your test is still positive, we recommend you test again on day 7.  If on day 7 your test is negative, you may return to work or school on day 8.  If still positive, we recommend you continue to quarantine until day 10 and you can return back to work or school after day 10 without a negative test. Please notify your school or work site if you test positive. Negative results do not need to be reported.

These tests may be used by a student or staff member that has COVID-19 symptoms any time during the break.  Please note that a second test may need to be administered if an individual is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

This testing is a free service and is NOT mandatory.

We are hopeful that these tests will support a healthy return to work and school for all of our WJUSD families and we are thankful for CDPH for providing these at no cost to our District.
Need additional support, see helpful links below:

a. At Home Testing Playbook for Schools
b. CDPH fact sheet on At Home Testing in English and Spanish
c. Flyers of how to log results in English and Spanish
*Instructions for using the  at home tests are provided in the box. 

Thank you and enjoy your Spring break!