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Secondary Education

Middle School Programs

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Welcome to WJUSD Secondary Education
With a focus on good first instruction, our secondary schools will continue to collaboratively work to develop improved instructional programs and coursework.   
Douglass Middle School  Programs
  • Computers-Science, Technology, and Mathematics (C-STEM) Program with Robotics
  • C-STEM—Girls In Robotics Leadership (GIRLs) Camp  (summer program)
  • AVID/AVID Excel  Programs
  • Peer Mediation
  • Opportunity Class for 8th grade students
Lee Middle School Programs
  • STEM Program with Robotics
  • AVID/ AVID Excel  Programs
  • Career and Technical Education pathway classes
  • Project SAFE
  • Leadership Development Day
  • Woodland Parks and Recreation after school program
  • C-STEM—Girls In Robotics Leadership (GIRLS) Academy  (summer program)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics STE@M Project for young ladies
  • Summertime Wildcat Academy
High School Programs

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High School Programs

With a focus on good first instruction, our secondary schools will continue to collaboratively work to develop improved instructional programs and coursework. 
General High School Programs 

Guaranteed Core Curriculum: English Language Arts / Math / Science / History
Co-Curricular: Visual, Performing and Fine Arts / P.E. / STEAM Programs / Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE)
Support Programs: AVID / Strategic Class
Pioneer High School Programs:
  • Cyber High Program
  • Freshman Seminar Class
  • The Learning Center
  • Math Center
  • Pioneer Opportunity Program
  • Student Support Center
Woodland High School Programs:
  • La Semilla after school program
  • Enviro-Mentor Program
  • The Learning Center
  • Science Fair 
Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation. 
Graduation Requirements
Each WJUSD High School has specific graduation requirements. Please review each school site page for more details:
Pioneer High School
Woodland High School
Cache Creek High School