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Forms and Requirements


What you need to register your child for the first time in Elementary School at WJUSD:

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What you need to register your child for the first time in Elementary School at WJUSD:


1. ONLINE REGISTRATION-  Please complete the online registration visiting the WJUSD website, click on Departments, then Enrollment to access the AERIES Online Registration for Elementary Students link.
2. PROOF OF BIRTH- Acceptable proofs of birth are birth certificate, passport, hospital certificate and baptismal certificate.
3. PROOF OF IMMUNIZATION RECORDS- Completed shot records are required by law for children to enter CA public schools (please see Student Health Requirements tab for more information) however, if immunizations are not up to date at the time of enrollment, you are given a grace period up until the weeks leading to the first day of school. If school is already in session, immunization records will be required at the time of enrollment.
4. PROOF OF RESIDENCY- TWO PROOF OF RESIDENCY- are required at the time of enrollment. Acceptable forms of proof are utility bills, mortgage statement, escrow papers, home insurance, renters insurance, pay stubs, letters with a CA seal and/or a verified Homeless Affidavit form (when uploading documents please make sure that the document is not inside the envelope). Unacceptable forms are car insurance, credit card statements and/or medical bills.
** Secondary Enrollment for grades 7-12 are done at the school site
How schools within WJUSD are designated: 
  • Families are given an opportunity to apply for a school outside of their boundaries through Intra-district Open Enrollment applications (please see Open Enrollment tab for more details and information)
K-8 Home Study
The Home Independent Study Program is an education alternative to classroom instruction for students in grades K-8. It provides a format for supporting a home-based, parent guided educational process. It is most compatible with the families that have the interest, time and commitment to instruct their child. This option provides the opportunity for an at-home teaching situation where students can receive one-on-one support, study at their own pace within requirements and be challenged to excel in their areas of special interest and abilities. 

For more information please call (530) 661-3179.

K-8 Home Study Application
To complete registration for your elementary student you will need to:
Provide the following documents to Enrollment Services Department:
Registration Packet- available online or at the Enrollment Services Department
*Registration forms also available to submit without printing through AIR (online registration). Note, few additional paperwork will still need to completed at the Enrollment Services Department along with the documents listed below.
-Proof of Birth - a COPY of the original Birth Certificate, Hospital Certification, Passport or Baptismal Certificate     confirming that your child will be turning 5 years of age on or before Sept. 1 of that school year
-Proof of Immunizations - a COPY of immunization records with annotated physician signature  verifying dates of immunizations is required

-Proof of Residency - a COPY of TWO of the following documents:

  • Utility service payment receipt (gas/electric/water/garbage/cable/home telephone) indicating the street address and parent/guardian name.
  • Mortgage payment receipt indicating the street address and parent/guardian name.
  • Escrow papers with closing date and escrow # indicating the street address andparent/guardian name.
  • Rent payment receipt or rental agreement on official letterhead including the manager’s orowner’s name and phone number indicating the street address and the parent’s orguardian’s name.
  • Home Insurance receipt indicating the street address and parent/guardian name.
Please complete this additional form for your registration packet to be complete: Initial Residency Verification Form (K-6) available at the District Office and PDF attachment
** Affidavit For Establishing Temporary Residency Form - this form is required for students with temporary living arrangements due to loss of housing and/or economic hardship If applicable.
Upon enrollment of a student residing in the home of a care giving adult within district boundaries, the care giving adult shall execute, under penalty of perjury, the affidavit specified in Family Code 6552 - this form is completed at the District Office when your complete registration packet is submitted.
Enrollment for 7th - 12th grade students takes place at each WJUSD school site on a first-come, first-served basis. Every attempt will be made to place new students at their neighborhood school. However, the District cannot guarantee such placement and reserves the right to place new students at other schools (for the balance of the current school year) within the District as necessary when a grade-level enrollment capacity is reached at a particular school.