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Salary Schedules

WJUSD Salary Schedules

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WJUSD Salary Schedules

Listed below are the salary schedules for specific employment opportunities in the Woodland Joint Unified School District.  To view a salary schedule, please click on the link:
Contracted Management (Superintendent, Assistant and Associate Superintendents)
Certificated Substitutes (updated September 24, 2021)
Adult Education
Adult Education
Salary Reclassification - Professional Growth (Certificated)

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After initial employment and salary placement, a unit member can move over on the salary schedule one column at a time each school year per WEA contract. The form you will need to fill out is called a Certificated Application for Salary Reclassification form (available below).  You may read about this in the WEA contract under Article IX, C (available below).

To move over on the salary schedule for the following school year, the Certificated Application for Salary Reclassification form must be turned in by June 1.  Please note the due dates on the bottom of the form: all units need to be completed by September 10 and official transcripts must be turned in to the Human Resources Department by November 1.  If all requirements are met, the increase will be reflected in the November 30 paycheck, retroactive to the first of the school year.

You can take any coursework from an accredited college, university or a community college that applies to your current position, a new credential, added authorization or degree that you are working towards.
Certificated Application for Salary Reclassification Form
WEA Contract: Article IX