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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a private contractor?
No. We are a division of WJUSD Business Services. We are funded by General Fund dollars. Chargebacks are returned to the General Fund to pay our operating expenses.

Where do I get a budget code and/or approval to print?
If you don’t know the budget code, you must get one from your department head or site Administrative Assistant or Secretary. If we are to bill a non-budgeted program like ASB, PTA, booster group, etc., the budget code requirement is waived.

Is your pricing competitive?
Yes. We comparison shop to insure we are competitive. You also save more than 8% on retail purchases as we do not charge tax for work printed here. Also, because we are a cost-recovery operation, no profit margin is tacked on to our chargebacks. Review the Price Comparison Table found in our pricing information. Similar savings can be found across our entire product line.

Can I get a rush job?
Yes. We can fit in rush orders. It just depends on equipment and staff availability as well as the specifications of the order.

How do I check on the status of my order?
Call or email Becky (see contact info on the print shop page). When time allows, we email when particularly sensitive materials are ready for pickup or shipped. Typically, orders are shipped to the site or are available at our counter by the due date.

Do you still make recycle scratch pads?
Yes. We still offer free scratch pads. Grab some when you stop by, or email Becky and we’ll send some your way.