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Print services for the education community, WJUSD reprographic services
The Top Ten Ways Print Helps You Succeed

Print is for keeps

Print is portable

Print drives a higher return on information recognition and retention

Print is beautiful

Print plays well with others, especially multi-media presentations

Your target audience seeks print

Print is credible

Print puts them in control

Print is personal

Print is everywhere

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Reprographic Services is WJUSD’s full-service, one-stop facility for copy & print services required by our sites, departments, staff, and associated parent and student groups. Since 1985, our goal has been to provide outstanding customer service, quality, selection, and price for any project from classroom materials to trainings. We routinely beat retail pricing across our product line, helping stretch your print dollars. 

Take advantage of convenient pickup and delivery available through the District Mail Courier Service. We also accept electronic files via e-mail, CD/DVD, or flash drive. You’ll find us at the District Office located at 435 6th Street, Woodland, CA 95695. 

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
January through December 

Becky Juarez Jed
Coordinator, WJUSD Reprographic Services
435 Sixth Street
Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 406-3233
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About Us
Reprographic Services is part of the district’s copier fleet management program, implemented by IT Services, that serves to reduce the overall copier/printer and paper expenses for the district.

Reprographic Services does not assume that we have a guaranteed client base. We work hard to deliver products and customer services equal to our commercial retail counterparts. Our efforts have always been focused on ensuring that our clients have their tests, forms, meeting materials, etc., on time. We are convenient, responsive, and knowledgeable. Check us out—you’ll like what you find.