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Alternative Educational Options

Alternative Educational Options

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Cache Creek High School
Cache Creek High School is WJUSD's continuation high school. Staff and teachers work together to provide a safe, supportive environment that fosters positive behavior, personal responsibility and academic growth while addressing individual student need.

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Community Day School
The mission of our schools is to keep students in the public education system during periods when they are experiencing difficulties. Programs are tailored to individual needs and intended to provide the foundation for educational success. Community Day School is now located at 526 Marshall Avenue, Room F9. 

Independent Learning Center (ILC)
Established in 1988, it was designed to create a self-educational program for pupils whose needs may best be met through study outside of the traditional classroom setting. The ILC serves a broad set of student educational needs. Enrollment must be a voluntary placement.

K-8 Home Study
The Home Independent Study Program is an education alternative to classroom instruction for students in grades K-8. It provides a format for supporting a home-based, parent guided educational process. It is most compatible with the families that have the interest, time and commitment to instruct their child. This option provides the opportunity for an at-home teaching situation where students can receive one-on-one support, study at their own pace within requirements and be challenged to excel in their areas of special interest and abilities. 

For more information please call (530) 661-2568.

K-8 Home Study Application
K-8 Home Study Mission Statement

K-8 Home Study parents, students, and district teachers believe each student is entitled to a quality education through creative approaches to learning, respect for parents as teachers, and the belief that students should be independent, lifelong learners who see the world as their classroom.

The Home Study Experience

Woodland K-8 Home Study provides an alternative to regular classroom instruction for those families who have the time, interest, and need. 

Upon enrollment, an individual learning plan is developed for each student.  The student, parent, and teacher contract as a team to facilitate the process.  K-8 Home Study students are required to achieve proficiency in the grade level standards as are all WJUSD students.

Daily instruction is overseen by the parents under the support and guidance of a supervising credentialed teacher.  Regular one hour weekly meetings are scheduled to support parents and students, monitor progress, discuss lesson plans, provide instruction as time permits, and collect samples of completed work.  While the program does supply state adopted, district-approved curriculum, alternative books and the materials can be used to enhance or supplement student learning.

Student Testimonials

8th Grade Graduation By Ryan Stevens

Hello, my name is Ryan Stevens and I’ve gone through K-8 Home Study for 9 treacherous years.  I’ve finished mountains of books and crossed deep unforgiving trenches of mathematical equations.  Through the years, I’ve seen various animals, places, and things on many different field trips.  I’ve crammed my brain with countless dates, equations, grammar and punctuation and much more.  And even though I have had my problems along the way, I don’t regret being home schooled for this long.

K-8 Home Study has helped me become excited about learning.  If I am enjoying a subject, I can always learn more and explore it.  Mrs. Gale has helped me become better and more focused on my work.  She has helped me and my mom a lot through the years.  I especially enjoy science and I like learning more about it.  As I went through home schooling, I quickly learned that some subjects are more fun than others.  It helped me realize that learning can be fun when you have good teachers and mentors. 

Another reason I’ve enjoyed K-8 Home Study is the vast number of field trip I’ve taken.  I’ve visited an old gold mine, an aquarium, a planetarium, and many more fun places.  I’ve gotten to see immensely huge water animals, hold a piece of an asteroid, and have gotten to pan for gold.  I have made lots and lots of clay molds and other various pieces of art.  Field trips and other activities are a few of the things I enjoy about K-8.

K-8 Home Study has been a positive experience and has helped me in my academic growth.  My great teachers and helpful guidance have made my home schooling journey a success.  I’m glad that I could home schooled and am thankful for the support and never ending service of the K-8 program.  Home schooling ahs been awesome and I’m glad my mom was willing to do it.  And I’m thankful that I was able to do it through this program.
By Mikayla Leslie

I have been in K-8 Home Study since Kindergarten and there are a lot of things that I have enjoyed.  There are many benefits to being in home study.  For example, students can go at their own pace with school work.  If students have a hard time understanding math they can attend Mrs. Grissom’s math classes.  One part of this program I especially like is all of the amazing field trips I have gotten to attend.  One of my favorite field trips was the train ride to San Francisco Bay Aquarium.  I’ve also had a lot of fun participating in some of the fundraisers to support these cool field trips.

The past 9 years in this program have been very enjoyable and I wish I never had to leave.  I hope that every kid presently and in the years to come have as much fun as I did.  I would like to thank all of the teachers that have helped me to succeed.  I really appreciate all their hard work and efforts in pushing me to do my best.  I will always love each and every teacher for all they have done for me.  I know that they all work really hard each year to make things easier for families.  I will never forget any of them.

Who May Benefit Most?
  • Students and families who have philosophical or pragmatic reasons to educate at home
  • Students who need different instructional strategies
  • Students who want an opportunity to pursue special or unique educational interests on an individual basis
  • Students who want to pursue exceptional academic and/or creative talents
Available Services
  • Field trips scheduled throughout the year to support student learning and provide opportunities for socialization
  • Newsletters published regularly to keep Home Study families informed about upcoming events and district news
  • Speech, language, vision, and hearing screening
  • Gifted and Talented Education program (for indentified students)
  • State achievement testing
  • District based assessments
  • District diagnostic services
  • School picture day
  • Teacher led workshops
  • Parent led workshops
  • Lending library
  • Arts and crafts
  • Holiday events
  • Science activity groups
  • Parent education classes
  • Yearly promotion celebration
  • Resource and supplementary materials
  • Spelling bee
  • Student authored book contest
  • Project and performance night
Requirements for Success
  • A positive parent/child relationship
  • Personal motivation to complete assignments and learn
  • Strong organizational skills for both parents and students
  • Parent committed to a weekly meeting with the district teacher