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Technology Donations to District


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Individuals and companies can make donations of equipment to the district. This procedure applies to donations of all types of technology equipment.

Donated technology equipment will be subject to the following guidelines:
  • The equipment must be the minimum standards set forth by Technology Services Department
  • A single computer donation will not be accepted unless it is equal to one of the models of computers that are currently in production as it is not economical to invest time into one computer to make it work with WJUSD's software standards (drivers, hardware configuration etc...).
  • ONLY the Technology Services Department can install hardware and software and perform upgrades of the equipment. The site is responsible for providing ALL hardware and components with the exception of District licensed software which is provided by the Technology Services Department.
  • Donated equipment which does not meet district standards will not be repaired, serviced or maintained.
  • In all cases, Technology Services Department cannot guarantee the functionality of nonstandard hardware. Non-standard hardware approved by the Technology Services Department will be installed using 'best effort'.
*Best Effort is defined as Technology Services taking reasonable steps to obtain and/or configure hardware and drivers necessary to install and/or configure components to operate within District guidelines. Equipment will not be upgraded (CPU, hard drive, memory, etc.) to overcome performance or capacity limitations of the hardware.