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Technology Tips

Knowledge Base

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In order to expedite our process, Technology Services has assembled a list of common issues and resolutions to help users identify and solve problems they may have. These articles do not cover all problems, but can help you solve small issues without contacting the Help Desk.
eHelpdesk Knowledge Base Articles (*District Login Required)
Help Desk - 'How To'

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Calls can be delayed at the Help Desk for hours, even days because of incomplete information. To expedite your Help Desk call and receive the quickest possible response on your request, please follow these simple rules:
  1. Name of School/Office
  2. Name and extension of contact person (the person reporting the problem)
  3. Name and extension of user (the person with the problem)
  4. Room number and  "Computer Name" (this can be found using the "Whats my Info" icon on the desktop)
  5. Detailed description of the problem user is experiencing including exact error message (if possible)
  6. Troubleshooting user tried to fix the problem.
  7. When was the last time equipment worked properly?
  8. Please keep in mind, the more information you give us, the better.
Work From Home Access

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Use the HTML access button to launch VMware View through your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). 
*You can also download the VMware View App from the Apple and Android App store for use on tablets or smartphones (use as the server information when configuring the app).

Both solutions are provided as a "AS-IS" solution. WJUSD Technology does NOT provide support on personal computers.
Purchasing Technology

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We understand technology needs to be upgraded, retired, and/or new purchases need to be made from time to time. Please contact Technology Services (ext: 3111) if your site needs to purchase any technology equipment that may require interface with District technology (ie: printers, new computers, cameras, etc). This is to ensure the new technology is fully compatible within our environment.