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Board Meetings

Ways to View a Board Meeting

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In person: WJUSD Board Meetings generally take place on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. The list of scheduled meetings can be found on the 2018 Board Meetings web page. Unless otherwise noted, open session begins at 6:00 p.m.
Local TV Channel 21: Woodland TV records and airs WJUSD Board Meetings on Channel 21. To find out when our latest meeting will air, visit the Woodland TV schedule and search "WJUSD."
Online: Woodland TV posts the video from each meeting on Vimeo. The meeting videos are generally available about a week after the meeting date.  
Meeting Minutes: Board meeting minutes are posted under the agenda for each meeting.
If you have any questions regarding Board Meetings, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 530-406-3202. 

Agenda Preparation

BB 9322
Any Board member or member of the public may request that a matter within the jurisdiction of the Board be placed on the agenda of a regular meeting. The request shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent or designee with supporting documents and information, if any, at least one week before the scheduled meeting date. Items submitted less than a week before the scheduled meeting date may be postponed to a later meeting in order to allow sufficient time for consideration and research of the issue.
The Board president and Superintendent shall decide whether a request is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board. Items not within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board may not be placed on the agenda. In addition, before placing the item on the agenda, the Board president and Superintendent shall determine if the item is merely a request for information or whether the issue is covered by an existing policy or administrative regulation.
The Board president and Superintendent shall decide whether an agenda item is appropriate for discussion in open or closed session, and whether the item should be an action item subject to Board vote, an information item that does not require immediate action, or a consent item that is routine in nature and for which no discussion is anticipated.