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Schedule Test with Covid Clinic

Registration Instructions for WJUSD Students and Staff

Registration Instructions for WJUSD Students and Staff

1. Visit Click "Register for first test with Covid Clinic" even if you have participated in other COVID-19 testing with them or any other provider.
  • The District has partnered with "Covid Clinic," effective Monday, Dec. 13 to provide free testing for staff, students and community. 

  • Covid Clinic is a not-for-profit testing provider that currently provides on-site Covid testing across the nation and in school districts throughout California.

  • Those who choose to participate in testing at our school sites and administrative offices must register with Covid Clinic.
  • We continue to offer free Covid testing (PCR and/or Antigen) at each school site once every week and twice a week at our high schools.  

  • Our student-athletes continue to have access to testing at school in order to be cleared for participation.  

  • Testing times are from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. as noted on our testing schedule.

  • The tests are a nasal swab in the event you need a saliva test, please ask the Covid Clinic staff if they have them availible. For this test, a swab is inserted less than one inch into the nostril. This will make participation easier for younger students and special needs students who may have had difficulties providing saliva samples. The individual taking the test simply wipes the entry of their nose with a swab. Watch a video below.

NOTE: You will need your Student or Employee ID to register. Click "Register" below to get started.
Covid clinic step 1
2. Indicate if you are a parent/guardian, student, or staff
a) Select parent/guardian if you are parent of students who are under 18.
b) Select student if the student is 18 years old or older.
c) If you are both a parent AND staff, please select staff.
3. Complete all the other required information, sign, and click register.
Parents/Guardians of Students

Parents/Guardians of Students

After completing your registration, you will need to register your students as dependents.
1. Check your email for a one-time passcode
2. Return to, and click "Returning users".
3. After you log in with the one-time passcode, scroll down and click add dependents.
Schedule a Test

Schedule a Test

1. Visit Click returning user, and request a one-time passcode.
2. Log in, click place order, mark any symptoms (if applicable) and save.
Watch a Demonstration of the Test

Watch a Demonstration of the Test

Watch a Demonstration of the Test (Spanish)

Watch a Demonstration of the Test (Spanish)