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Dual Immersion Program

Dual Immersion Registration for School Year 2022-2023 started on March 1st, 2022
WJUSD currently offers Dual Immersion Education for Elementary Students Grades Preschool - 8th grade
Why Choose Dual Immersion?
In the Dual Immersion program your child will:
  • Become orally fluent and academically proficient in two languages
  • Develop greater academic flexibility by learning two languages
  • Enjoy the art, music, and literature of other cultures while developing a multi-cultural perspective
  • Become better prepared to meet university foreign language requirements and earn the State Seal of Bi-literacy 
  • Develop language skills that will bring him or her greater academic, occupational, and economic opportunities
How to Apply: 2022-23 Applications will be available on March 1, 2022
Link to the DI application in English
Link to the DI application in Spanish
Elementary Schools with Dual Immersion:
  • Beamer Park Elementary- 525 Beamer St. Woodland, CA 95695 - (530) 662-1769
  • Woodland Prairie Elementary- 1444 Stetson St. Woodland, CA 95695 - (530) 662-2898
  • C.E Dingle Elementary- 625 Elm St. Woodland, CA 95695 - (530) 662-7084
Middle Schools with Dual Immersion:
  • Douglass Middle School - 525 Granada Dr., Woodland, CA 95695 - (530) 662-2191
  • Lee Middle School - 520 West St., Woodland, CA 95695 - (530) 662-0251
In addition to applying for a Dual Immersion Program, new students must be registered at their home school in order to be considered for the DI Program.
Informational Meetings:
Parent/Guardian attendance in an Informational Meeting is a requirement for new students to be enrolled in the Dual Immersion Program for the 2022-23 school year.
Informational meetings will be held for parents/guardians of students entering Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten in the 2022-2023 school year who are interested in learning about the DI Program. Parents/guardians will receive a brief overview of the program and have the opportunity to ask questions at their site.
California Education for a Global Economy (CA Ed.G.E.) Initiative
The CA Ed.G.E. initiative allows school districts and county offices of education to establish language acquisition programs that equip
students with world language skills that prepare them to excel in a global economy, engage and appreciate diverse cultures , heritages
and languages representative of California's rich diversity. 
Parents have the opportunity to request a multilingual program in accordance with this initiative.  Please see these guideline from the
CA Department of Education regarding the request to establish new language programs. Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.  
To request a new language acquisition program, please fill out this form.
*** For more specific information regarding the Dual Immersion Program please open our list of PDF attachments of brochures in
English and Spanish or feel free to call Carmen Vargas, at (530) 406-3238,
Kids around the world