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About Family Empowerment

Family Empowerment WJUSD Helping You Grow - Hand with a tree growing out of it.
Woodland Joint Unified School District’s Family Empowerment team (formerly Parent University) is dedicated to providing parents and families with the opportunity to collaborate with their child’s school, community, and school district in supporting their children to become college and career ready.  Through continuous learning and with this partnership we can prepare and empower all students for a
future of endless possibilities. 



Family Empowerment Program Goals 

Our goal is to empower parents/families through learning opportunities and resources to:
  • Build relationships and partnerships with the school, the school district, and the community
  • Navigate the educational system and utilize the variety of resources available to students at WJUSD
  • Support a strong learning environment at home and at school
  • Gain educational tools and leadership skills
  • Become advocates to ensure their child's success in educational growth and development
  • Empower their students to take personal responsibility for their academics, relationships, and all aspects of their lives
  • Maintain open communication with their child about difficult life decisions and promote positive choices regarding alcohol/drugs, healthy eating and sleeping habits, time management, coping with stress and conflict, and personal relationships
  • Strengthen the quality of family life