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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1.  Who do I contact if I have a question about my payroll?
Please contact your Payroll Technician:
** Please be patient as Payroll is experiencing a high volume of inquiries, we will respond to questions in the order it was received. For general questions please email
2.  If I wish to make a donation, what do I do?
Contact the school you would like to donate to or Business Services at (530) 406-3220. When the donation is made, you will be asked for the value of your donation and your mailing address so a "thank you" note can be sent that you can use for tax purposes.
3.  I have submitted an invoice for work done for the school district, when can I expect to receive payment?
Please contact an Accounts Payable Technician:
4.  I am building a residence or a business and need to pay school district developer fees. Who do I call for information?
Please contact Business Services, at (530) 406-3220 or email
5.  I am an employee and have some questions about my health benefits, who can I talk to about it?
Please contact Norma Vega, Benefits Technician at - (530) 406-3224
6.  How do I reserve a school facility for a function?
Please contact the school and complete a Use of School Facility Form.