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Title I

Do you need help identifying if your funding request meets the Title-I eligibility requirements? 

Title I funding is restricted to specific purposes. These purposes are governed by a unique set of laws and controlled by language found in the budget item governing the program.


Here are a few items to consider:

  • Title I funds are designed to specifically to improve the academic achievement of disadvantaged students.
  • Title I funds can only be used for supports that have been scientifically proven to increase student achievement.
  • Title I funds can only be used on supplemental services and supports and may not be used for the core program.  
  • The service or support must be documented in the school SPSA.
  • The service or support must be in direct support of under performing or at risk students.
  • Allowable expenditures include (but are not limited to): Instructional aides, Supplemental Instructional Materials, Instructional Technology, and Parent Engagement Activities.