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At WJUSD the physical and social/emotional safety of students is a top priority.
Our commitment is reflected in our Local Control and Accountability Plan Goal 2:
Each student’s individual social-emotional and academic needs will be met through quality first instruction,
enrichment, and intervention in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is an unwanted aggressive act that includes each of the following components:
  • intent to do harm
  • repeated over time
  • an imbalance of power (perceived or identified) 
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Types of Bullying

Verbal:  Making derogatory comments, teasing, or name calling.
Physical:  Hitting, kicking, punching, or shoving.
Sexual: Humiliating someone because of their sex, gender, or sexual orientation.
Social: Spreading rumors, isolation, social exclusion, embarrassing someone in public or damaging someone's reputation or relationships.
Cyber: Posting or sending hurtful texts, emails, posits, images or videos, or making online threats.
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report bullying behavior
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Download Bullying Prevention and Intervention Brochure

Download Bullying Prevention and Intervention Brochure

bullying brochure     bullying brochure -spanish