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General Information

General Information

The summative California Alternate Assessments (CAAs) for English language arts/literacy (ELA), mathematics, and science are administered to eligible students using the secure browser and test delivery system. The CAAs are for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities and whose individualized education program (IEP) team has designated the use of an alternate assessment on statewide summative assessments.

Eligible students are those whose disability prevents them from taking the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for ELA and mathematics and the California Science Test. 


ELA and Mathematics

The CAA for ELA and CAA for mathematics are available in grades three through eight and grade eleven and are delivered one on one by a trained CAA test examiner familiar to the student.



The CAA for Science is administered to all students in grades five and eight and once to each student in grade ten, eleven, or twelve while that student is in high school. Only eligible students may participate in the administration of the CAAs.

The CAA for Science is administered as three separate embedded performance tasks (PTs) that are integrated into each student’s instructional calendar. Embedded PTs are available for administration any time, in any order, between January 8, 2019, and the end of the instructional calendar.