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Welcome to Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and maintaining a highly professional staff for all schools and departments.
Services and Programs of the Human Resource Services Department
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Position Control
  • Employee Orientation
  • Leave of Absence Management and Attendance Reporting
  • Risk Management: Workers' Compensation, Modified Duty, Employee Safety
  • Credential Analysis
  • Classification and Compensation
  • Labor Relations and Contract Administration

HR Contacts by Topic (updated 4/1/2024)


Staff Directory

Leanee Medina Estrada
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
Theresa Dunlop
Director, Human Resources
(530) 406-3206 or
HR Operations Management
Dedicated & Long-Term Substitutes
Workers' Compensation
Minerva Rocha
Director, Human Resources
(530) 406-3217 or
Position Control
Special Project Coordination
Jessica Medina
Senior Personnel Analyst
(530) 406-3209 or
Areas of Responsibility:
Position Control
Special Project Coordination
Ana Barrientos
Administrative Assistant
(530) 406-3212 or
Areas of Responsibility:
Administrative Support to Assistant Superintendent
Faviola Bernal
Risk Manager
(530) 406-3213 or
Areas of Responsibility:
Workers' Compensation
Mandatory Employee Training
Modified Duty Assignments
Employee Safety
Employee Injury Investigation and Corrective Actions
Public School Works (PSW) Management
Cynthia Devaney
Personnel Analyst
(530) 406-3216 or
Areas of Responsibility: 
Leaves of Absence Management
Employee Attendance Management
Frontline Management
Andrea Cota
Personnel Analyst
(530) 406-3180 or
Areas of Responsibility:
Classified Recruitments and Staffing for the following sites:
Beamer, Dingle, Freeman, Gibson, Plainfield, Prairie, Sci-Tech,
Spring Lake, Tafoya, Whitehead, Zamora, Adult Ed, State Preschools, All Paraprofessional I.
(Including summer school and extended school year)
Coaching Recruitments (PHS/DMS, WHS/LMS)
Abraham Nava-Luna
Personnel Analyst
(530) 406-3211 or
Areas of Responsibility: 
Classified Recruitments and Staffing for the following sites/departments:
PHS, LMS, WHS, DMS, CCHS, Flex/K-8/ILC, all Paraprofessional II's, Nutrition Services, M&O, Transportation, District Office
Guadalupe Vidales
Personnel Analyst
(530) 406-3208 or
Areas of Responsibility:
TB Monitoring
Pre-Employment Testing
Substitute Assignment
Vanessa Gomez
Personnel Analyst
(530) 406-5801 or
Areas of Responsibility:
Certificated Recruitments and Staffing for the following sites/departments:
WHS, LMS, Beamer, Freeman, Gibson, Maxwell, Prairie, Sci-Tech,
Educational Services, Adult Ed, CCHS, Flex/K-8/ILC
Certificated Substitutes
Credential Monitoring
Marissa Tillman
Personnel Technician
(530) 406-3210 or
Areas of Responsibility: 
Classified Substitutes
Certificated Substitutes
VSA's Recruitment
Supports Classified and Certificated Analyst