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Health Guidance

Sept. 13 , 2023

Sept. 13 , 2023

This guidance is intended to support safe, in-person learning and care by building on the lessons learned and strategies used to manage COVID-19.

For students:
  • Consider wearing a mask around others if you have respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, runny nose, and/or sore throat).
  • Stay up-to-date on all vaccinations recommended by your healthcare provider.
For staff:
  • Cal/OSHA requires employees to notify their immediate supervisor if they are positive for COVID and remain home.
  • Cal/OSHA requires employees to remain masked until Day 11 regardless of a negative test on day 5 or later

  • Staff will still be notified when our District is made aware of a positive case on campus per CAL/OSHA.

As previously reported, Governor Newsom ended the COVID state of emergency in February. At this time we are no longer providing families with COVID notifications when there is a positive COVID case on campus.
We will continue to provide at-home COVID tests to staff, students, and families at our schools in partnership with CDPH.