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School Safety Measures

Our top priority is the safety, security, and well-being of all students and staff.  Below is a list of continual efforts made by our District to ensure our students are safe. We will continue to work to ensure the highest level of safety possible.
  • Comprehensive School Safety Plan
    Our Comprehensive School Safety Plan guides our response to emergencies at the District and school levels.

  • Emergency Drills
    Staff is trained to implement emergency procedures and participate in practice drills throughout the year. Students receive training as well, including participation in fire, earthquake, and lockdown drills throughout the year.

  • Law Enforcement Collaboration
    Our District and local law enforcement have a strong partnership. We have three school resource officers based in our schools and law enforcement regularly participates in the review of our security and emergency procedures. Our emergency operations plan is reviewed annually and our District is working closely with the Woodland Police Department to review and evaluate our current plan.

  • Locked Doors
    All exterior doors in all schools are locked during school hours with only the main entrance door enabled to receive visitors.

  • Mandatory check-in procedures at school entrances
    As a safety measure, all visitors are required to check in at the front office.

  • Video surveillance and alarm systems
    Schools and our District office are equipped with video cameras and alarm systems.

  • Mandatory Employee and Volunteer Background Checks
    All employees and volunteers working with students are required to have background clearance through the Department of Justice. 
  • School Site Safety Plans
    All classrooms have a quick-reference, crisis response guide that covers situations ranging from kidnapping and assaults to medical emergencies.

  • School Supervision
    Students are closely supervised during recess and transitions to and from school. Supervisory staff is equipped with radios that communicate with the main office.

  • Rapid Communications System
    Our District uses the ParentSquare notification system to quickly alert families of important information and events. In the case of an emergency requiring evacuation, information would include where to meet and reunify with your child.

  • Gun Safety
    Our District has safe home firearm storage information on our website. California Penal Code Section 25100 mandates that firearms must be safely stored in all homes where children live or where children might reasonably be expected to enter. Gun owners can avoid criminal penalties by keeping their firearms in a locked container or secured with a locking device that renders the firearm inoperable.
  • Continued Investment
    In recent years our District has invested in enhancing security at school building entrances, adding fencing and gates, operationalizing new cameras, and improving locking devices to classroom doors.