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About our District

About our District

Woodland Joint Unified School District (WJUSD) was formed in July 1965, when it united local elementary and high school districts. The District is comprised of 18 schools, ranging from preschool to high school instruction, and more than 1,000 teachers and staff members. In addition to core programs, the District offers curriculum for English Language Learners, special needs, gifted and talented, preschool, independent study, and home schooling students, as well as a variety of adult programs. 

WJUSD is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees, and serves an ethnic and culturally enriched population in a 305-square-mile-area that serves students in the communities of Woodland, Knights Landing, Yolo and Zamora.
WJUSD Quick Facts

WJUSD Quick Facts

Number of Students (2022-2023) - 9,517
Number of Employees (2022 - 2023) - 1,180
Operating Budget (2022-2023) - $144 million
Preschool Sites - 7
Transitional Kindergarten Sites - 8 
Elementary Schools - 12
Middle Schools - 2 
High Schools - 3
Adult School - 1