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Environmental Stewardship Committee



The Woodland Joint Unified School District has a responsibility to provide safe, healthy, and sustainable
campuses for students to learn in their critical developmental years. This can be done in ways that save
funding on energy, water, and other natural resources. As part of green schools, students should be
able to participate in hands-on environmental and outdoor education as a model for lifelong
environmental engagement. Families can also learn practices to improve their health and reduce their
environmental impact at home.


As citizens of the Woodland community, we will partner all relevant local and regional stakeholders with
families, nonprofit organizations, grassroots organizations, tribal leadership, university researchers, and
all levels of government (city, county, state) to combine efforts for a more healthy environment and
maintain Excellence in Facilities and District Operations. Our goals are three-fold:
1. To make our classrooms and campuses safe and environmentally healthy places of learning and
2. To reduce the district's ecological footprint and to integrate sustainability principles throughout all
aspects of the school system management.
3. To help form and educate the next generation of environmental citizens.
In order to do so, we will connect with families, teachers, staff, students and community members to
identify district-wide improvements with attention to long-term budgetary principles (e.g. Total Cost of
Ownership and Return on Investment). Learning from the best practices of other environmental
stewardship efforts, we will seek opportunities to collaborate with other districts, the city, and the
county in areas such as:
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Construction and Materiel Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Utilities
  • Transportation and Land Use
  • Education and Outreach
Become a member!

Become a member!

Anyone can join our Environmental Stewardship Committee. No experience or background is required. If you're interested in ensuring our schools are healthy and safe learning environments for our students, contact us today!
Jim Helstowski
Director of Maintenance, Operations and Facilities


All meetings are held via Zoom.
The next meeting is on Wednesday, Oct. 26, from 5 - 6 p.m.