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CTE Partnerships

Why partner with WJUSD Career Technical Education Programs

  • Start building a relationship with your future workforce.
  • Receive recognition as a company that invests in the future of your community.
    • Provide an opportunity for employees to volunteer, which can help with retention and morale. (A survey showed 62% of 18 to 26-year-olds say they would prefer to work for a company that lets them volunteer for causes they believe in)

Guiding Principles for WJUSD School-Business Partnerships

We do what's best for kids.
Students and the teachers who lead them are at the center of every WJUSD school-business partnership.
We put people first.
Our partnerships are relationship-drive. They are not based on financial support.
We respect one another's organizational purpose and guidelines
Schools and businesses understand each other's core values. They seek common ground while operating within one another's guidelines.
We create new partnership opportunities
Our partnerships are dynamic and innovative, and we always remain open to new ideas.
In each partnership, both the business and the school actively participate
School and business representatives lead the way in developing the partnership relationship, staying in touch with each other, and creating opportunities to expand the partnership.


  • Improve transition readiness for student
  • Build relationships between students and adult role models
  • Ensure program quality


(List of available activities, participation in all not required)
  • Participate in the program Advisory Committee
  • Host field trips and/or job shadows
  • Hire students for internships or apprenticeships and summer work
  • Partner with teachers to develop project-based learning experiences for students
  • Provide mentors for students and teachers
  • Connect teachers to the world of work through teacher externships
  • Contribute equipment or technical support


  • Identify a Primary Contact from your organization who will:
    • Coordinate activities between the school and partner
      • Serve on the advisory committee
  • Establish goals for the partnership in collaboration with school staff
  • Develop an Action Plan that supports CTE in at least one activity
  • Report time spent on the partnership


  • 2-3 Advisory Committee meetings per year
  • 1-5 Activities as available
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Request More Information on Becoming a Partner

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